Intro to Kinball

The URA Centre (East Wing) 45 Maxwell Road, Level 9, Singapore

This is for those who like big balls. Learn a new sport that is kinda like volleyball - non-contact and involves hitting and catching a ball before it hits the ground. Just that the ball is... very... big... Come and see for yourself!! This is an introductory session suitable for beginners. Please scan QR code …

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Run with SG Frontrunners

If you have been waiting for an activity that does not involve a ball, shuttlecock, disc, paddle, basically anything not part of the body, wait no more! Rise early and join the SG Frontrunners for a short or longer jog or run or walk - really it's your legs you decide!


Intro to Pickleball

We've been hearing demand for this (from like, two people) and we've worked hard to bring this to you. Just give us a wee bit of time to confirm the details. Yes, nothing is confirmed, we just want to get (the both of) you excited. And if you weren't eXciTeD enough, we might also do …

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Paintball @ Johor Bahru

If you have attended at least two of ACAVE's activities before (floorball counts), register your serious interest for a 2D1N trip across the causeway here! We'll enter JB on Saturday morning to have brunch and chill. You can also meet us directly at the accommodation by 3pm before heading for paintball together. We'll end the …

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Intro to Kickball

West Coast Park Grand Lawn West Coast Park Grand Lawn, Singapore, Singapore

We really wanted to do softball but we can't afford gloves so we're just gonna kick the ball instead #truestory But hey, we got a softball coach to teach us how to play so you'll get 100% of the game if all you wanted to know about softball was how to run the bases. Registrations …

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We know you've been waiting for this cos WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS WE LOVE DODGEBALL so why can't it be any earlier 😭😭😭 it's okay good things are worth the wait. Registrations will open in April.



Going back to Sembawang! See our IG post on 3 July 2023 for a previous expedition done. Registrations will open closer to the date.