What is ACAVE? How do you pronounce ACAVE?

ACAVE is pronounced as “a cave” [/ə keɪv/]. The name was inspired by… caves.


When and why was ACAVE started?

We started the group in September 2018 to meet like-minded people while also having the chance to pick up a new sport. We held our first activity on 14 October 2018 – 13 of us played captain’s ball and street netball at OCBC Arena. 


Who is ACAVE for?

Our activities are targeted towards LBTQ+ folks aged 18 and up. If you don’t identify with this group but are an ally, you are still welcomed to join if there are available slots one week before the activity.

We welcome beginners and most of us are casual players, so the atmosphere is kept friendly!

Is there a fee to join ACAVE's activities?

There is a minimal fee to cover venue bookings and equipment for most sports sessions. Other sessions such as hiking and skateboarding are free.


What is the refund policy?

Unless otherwise specified on the event registration page, we are able to refund 100% of the payment fee if you inform us 10 days before the activity. 


Our activities are not for profit and if there is a last minute withdrawal, it would be challenging to find replacements to cover the costs of the activity. Spots are usually transferrable so feel free to find someone else to replace your spot! You can DM us for an invite link to our Telegram group chat for this purpose. 


Why do you collect email and phone number during registration?

The contact information collected will only be used with respect to the activity you signed up for. It is used to provide more information about an event if required. We will usually email you first, unless the nature of contact requires an urgent response (for example, event cancellation or to confirm if you are showing up). We will never sell your information or spam you. 


Where can I see more pictures?

You can follow us on Instagram @acave.sg.


Can I attend without my face being posted on your social media?

We will always check whether there are anyone who are not comfortable being featured on our Instagram and will not post any images that might identify you if you let us know.  

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